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The story of eternal love: The man who built his own Taj Mahal – VIDEO


Taj Mahal is the first thing that comes to mind when people mention India. This amazing monument was built in 17th-century.

The great Mogul King Shah Jehan built Taj Mahal as a token of his love for his late wife Mumtaz Mehal.

This is not the only story of a great love that happens only once in a lifetime. A simple postman fell in love with a woman in 1953. They were in love but could not have children.

His wife believed that no one will remember them after they died because they did not have children. He promised to build a monument next to her grave so that people can remember her by it.

After his wife passed away, he decided to fulfill his promise to her. He decided to build his own Taj Mahal around her grave.

Even though many people wanted to help him and give him the needed support, he refused all of their help and continued to build it by himself.

He dedicated the rest of his life and all the money he had into building his own token of love. Within this replica, there is a space for his grave so he can be buried next to his love.

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