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The secret report: This is how the last moments of humanity will look like


What do you think what the authorities of the world would say if they knew the asteroid would destroy the whole humanity in two months? How would people react?

When the asteroid was first discovered, scientists spent a lot of time studying its size, speed, bearing, power, orbit, etc. As everything was becoming increasingly clearer, the information started leaking. First, the scientists were the ones to find out the truth, then their technicians, then their families and friends.

Sure, the government will find out in time and it will take military measures while it still has the possibility of taking actions. The bomb shelters will be immediately activated because if everyone must die, then the most important people will die last, enjoying the relative comfort of the shelter.

Let’s assume that it has been two weeks since the first discovery. All alternative websites have already started publishing reports, even though the government is still waiting for the right moment to confirm the news. It suits them well to treat the end of the Earth as a rumor because rumors don’t cause the collapse of the society.

The president of the UN will probably be the first to present the facts, explain their meaning and suggest possible solutions. This speech will probably come to its turn sometime in the third week of the discovery. The leaders will probably send representatives to do their job instead of them, because the crisis will be unprecedented.

The news will be spread to all nations very soon. Everyone will start repeating that there are only five weeks until the end comes. First, there will be a surprise, then tears, and then denial. Many leaders will ask for help and advice from their best scientists. However, nobody will come up with any kind of serious plan, a prayer will be the best solution.

In a couple of hours, the society will start falling apart. Politicians, soldiers, policemen, traders, workers, everyone will realize that everything has lost the sense and that everyone will be dead soon. There would be a rapid collapse of all systems – there would be no air traffic, transportation of food, no work, no need to defend nuclear silos, nor to guard prisoners and psychopaths.

At the beginning, something may keep functioning, just out of habit, but it will not last long. If the world is going to disappear in five weeks, everyone will try to spend more time with their families and the loved ones. Money, credits, debts, and savings – none of that won’t be important anymore. There is no need for the money because there is no future. The price for buying products won’t exist, and in order to get those products, it will simply be enough to want them.

Many things will happen simultaneously: many suicides, robberies, fires, etc. A lot of smoke will cover the sky. Skyscrapers will be destroyed in just a few days.

Many places will normally function because the infrastructure will be able to work automatically for a while, without a human factor. Wireless systems and internet will keep working, but slower.

The streets will be in chaos, cars will crash into buildings, and people will attack each other, crying for help. Everywhere will be the stench of the dead bodies that no one wants to remove.

Orgies, drugs and alcohol will be in regular use, but most of the food and drinks will disappear by the end of the seventh week, with only one week left before the end. The streets will be impassable, full of wild dogs and rats eating corpses. The sky will be full of smog, smoke and stench of burning plastic and rotting corpses. Electricity will work from time to time, and the phone signal will become unreliable.

Many people will be praying in churches, temples and mosques for all that to stop, but then they will realize that they were fooled and that God never existed. If he really existed, he would not have allowed the death of the humanity. Some religious groups will see the end of the world as a sign to kill other people.

All those people who stayed hidden in their homes, or who escaped from robbers and attackers, soon will accept that the end is inevitable. They will eat the rest of their canned food under the candle light, maybe make love for the last time or pray for forgiveness. Some of them perhaps will be snorting their last line of meth or cocaine and count remaining hours.

Maybe the sky will darken near the end, and perhaps it is going to be noisy because of the approaching asteroid. When it hits the Earth, huge earthquakes will happen and tidal waves will hit the coast, destroying every building and decimating the population.

The actions of the authorities won’t mean a lot because the consequences will be everywhere the same. Rich nations won’t be able to use their money to make the situation go away, and people will spend their last moments fighting for food or running away from cannibalism.

The authorities will probably try to hide the information for as long as possible because they will realize that the moment of truth is the moment of collapse and previously described catastrophe. They should not be blamed for this kind of approach, especially if the end is inevitable. Certainly, they wouldn’t have anything to lose. Waiting until the last moment would be the noblest thing they could do for their people.

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