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The story of Sealand Skull


In 2007, a contractor discovered a skull on the property in Danish island of Sealand. Previous owner of the property was a horse butcher so it was believed that it was a horse’s skull. However, after it was cleaned it was concluded that this finding was something else.

In 2010, scientists at the College of Veterinary Medicine started the first study. However, they concluded that for them it is impossible to reveal the mystery surrounding this unusual skull. They only observed that the skull is similar to one of a mammal but its characteristics do not correspond with Linnean Taxonomy.

Afterwards the skull was sent to the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. Based on a carbon dating tests, scientists discovered that the skull is nearly a thousand years old. This skull originates from the period between the year 1200 and 1280. The site was further excavated in order to discover the rest of the body. So far, the remainder of the skeleton is still missing.

There are certain rumors that the skull was left there within the last decade or two. It was also mentioned that people believe that the skull can be found in Paris, Munich and the Balkans and that the skull originally came from some of those places. Locals even mention the Order of Pegasus Light, which was a Neolithic clan. This order was founded in 1350 and famous members were Shakespeare, H.G. Wells and Thomas Jefferson. It was believed that the Order guarded mysterious cranium along with other items of significance.

Sealand skull is bigger than the human skull. Eye sockets are deeper, wider and have a more orbital shape. Nostrils are smaller and the chin is quite narrow. The surface of the skull is smooth so it must have been adapted.

Many studies have been conducted so far on the skull and many people believe that the skull belongs to an extraterrestrial being. This creature’s skull was left here thousand years ago.

This mystery will be resolved when the rest of this skeleton is found. Until then, many questions remain unanswered.


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