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The Rothschild family and the rigging of the US Presidential Elections

Lord Rothschild
While we all know that Hillary Clinton is supported by the Rothschild’s and the New World Order, what is less known is the fact that Donald Trump is also part of this masquerade. He is a creation of the Rothschild’s, and fits perfectly into the Illuminati’s plan to control the people by tricking them into believing in a democratic society. The elections have been determined long before they even began.

Thirty years ago the Trump family was saved from bankruptcy by member of the Rothschild family. They saw in him a person they could use, a man flamboyant and loud, a perfect puppet to deflect attention from the Illuminati’s plans.

While this may sound farfetched at first, just consider how he built his empire. In 1987 Trump acquired the majority of the shares of Resorts International, a company which served as a front for the CIA for years. It was involved in money laundering the profits gained from drugs, gambling and prostitution. The main investors of this place were Tibor Rosenbaum, Mayer Lansky, but also David Rockefeller and Baron Edmond de Rothschild.

In 1987 Trump stepped in and bought the shares from James Crosby, CIA’s front man for the Resorts International.

Trump made a brand for and of himself. He bought and built many casinos and luxury hotels and became a household name. But the real names and powers behind him remained hidden and secret.

During the real estate market crash in New York by the end of the 1980s, Trump was on the brink of bankruptcy. He was only saved by the assistance and assurance of Wilbur L. Ross Jr. who was a managing director at Rothschild Inc.

This same Wilbur L. Ross supported Trumps nomination in 2016. Nat Rothschild even dated Trumps daughter, Ivanka.

While we have Hillary Clinton praying to Moloch on one side, on the other we have a man bought a long time ago. The Illuminati have succeeded in controlling the elections yet again and are moving closer and closer to the creation and establishment of the New World Order.

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