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Different shades of Mars


Some people believe that the true color of Mars might not be red. Scientists and astronomers have different opinions on this issue.

Based on a unique scientific analysis, NASA stated that color photos of Mars might not represent the true colors of the surface.

It must be noted that cameras used for photographing Mars take three images in a row using different filters recreating a color balanced image. Then this information has to travel 200 million kilometers in order to appear on the screens of astronomers, scientists and researchers.

This is the only explanation why pictures of the surface of Mars seem to represent a variety of different colors. One example of this is a photo from 1976 in which sky is blue because of special adjustment of the balance between white colors. Because of this, Mars resembles the surface of Earth.

Many ufologists are convinced that NASA has covered a lot of vital pieces of information about Mars.

Based on all this, it can be concluded that Mars might not be red. It could be very similar to Earth.


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