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The prophecy of Stephen Hawking: Did CERN disrupt the Earth’s balance and cause catastrophic earthquakes?

There were 13 earthquakes measuring over 6 Richter, only within the last two months. Some of them were quite strong, like the one in Nepal measuring between 6,6 and 7,8 Richter.

The damage was enormous, not to mention the several thousands of victims. The most recent earthquake (7,1 – 7,5 Richter) hit Papua New Guinea, but fortunately did not cause too much damage.

What accidentally coincides with the tectonic activity is the fact that CERN in Geneva, Switzerland, recently re-launched its Large Hadron Collider (LHC), just before these earthquakes happened.

The LHC is the strongest and the largest particle collider on the planet, and while most scientists consider it essential for the future discoveries about the universe, some people, like Stephen Hawking, warned of the damage it can inflict to the planet, humanity and the space-time continuum.

Only a few months after the discovery of the Higgs boson, so-called “God particle” in July 2012, CERN completed its first continuous operation during which it performed about 5 billion collisions of energy of 8 TeV. Only 400 of all these collisions have produced some results.

Today, they almost doubled collision energy to the level of 13 TeV. The plan is to perform another continuous operation for three years, and this time, CERN announced that the goal is to “capture the dark matter” and to “discover other dimensions”. Although it would be nice to find out the real truth about the universe and ourselves, we really should not be doing that at the cost of our planet.

Simply said, LHC creates the biggest magnetic field on the planet, even bigger than the field our planet creates itself. Maybe the relation between LHC and the seismic activity is just a speculation, but we must take into account the effect of magnetism on the layers of the Earth.

Every time CERN creates a collision, released energy causes enormous magnetic vibrations in the earth, which is why there is a high probability that these collisions in some way affected the recent earthquakes. It is interesting that after the greater activity of the LHC in 2010, an 8,8 Richter earthquake happened in Chile. It was one of the six most destructive earthquakes in the history.

Let’s hope that our thirst for knowledge won’t break us into pieces or take us to the point to get swallowed by a black hole.

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