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AMAZING DISCOVERY: The minuscule watch


A minuscule watch was found in an ancient tomb, sealed for 400 years. The archaeologists who found it are unable to clarify its origin or the mysterious inscription on it.

One of the smallest watches is 3.5mm and was made in 2008. But this watch is even smaller, and it is about 2 mm thick.

The word SWITZERLAND is engraved on the inside of this watch in English and researchers are puzzled by this discovery.

What is even more intriguing is that this watch seems to be approximately hundred years old, but it could be even older. The fact that watches were nonexistent during the Ming Dynasty and that Switzerland was also nonexistent as a country, confuses the researchers even more.


This mysterious finding was discovered while archaeologists were trying to remove the soil around a coffin. A group of journalists and archaeologists witnessed the moment of discovery, when a piece of rock was separated and triggered a metallic noise. This noise was caused by a miniature ring-shaped watch.

Similar watches were introduced in 1780 in Europe and the country by the name of Switzerland didn’t exist until 1848. And if the tomb was sealed for 400 years, how is it possible to find something like that? Any explanation leads to the conclusion that creation of such watch was impossible at that time. The origin, creator and purpose of this watch are the questions which remain unanswered.

This discovery has been added to other unexplained discoveries which happened in recent years.

According to analysis of the watch, the results revealed that the watch was made around the Year 900 A.D.

This discovery remains mysterious and intriguing because history does not have any record of such invention in 900 A.D. or before the eighteenth century.

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