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The mysterious cave of the redhead giants


There is a legend about giants with red hair that still lives among native tribes in the northeast and the southwest of the North America.

The legend describes events that happened more than 15,000 years ago, when ancestors of those tribes fought against the giants. According to the story, those fights were fierce.

The same legend exists in Central America as well, saying that the Aztecs and Maya met this frightening race of giants when they tried to explore the land in the north.

After all these years, a legend about the giants has survived, as well as the question whether they really existed.

What supports the theory about their existence in the distant past are numerous places where scientists discovered huge skeletons. Some of those locations are in the United States, in Michigan, Illinois and Tennessee, Arizona, and Nevada.

In 1924, an intriguing site was discovered. The Lovelock Cave, located about 20 kilometers south of the town of Lovelock in Nevada was hiding the remains of giants.

In ancient times the biggest part of western Nevada was under the water of the lake of Lahontan, which means that this cave was under the water as well. As a matter of fact, this cave was formed by the lake currents and waves.

According to the Paiutes, a tribe of American Indians who were the first to tell the story about giants, these red-haired, pale-skinned giants lived in Nevada, Utah and Arizona for a long time. They had a name for them – “tule eaters (Si-Te-Cah)”. The nickname for the giants came from the name of water plant, used by giants as a material for building rafts.

The Paiutes describe these giants as 12 feet tall, cruel and evil beings. They were eating Paiutes as food.

The remains of those cruel beings were discovered thousands of years later. Analysis of their remains, as well as of thousands of artifacts found in the same location, provided a priceless insight into the life of this forgotten race.

The discovery of two mummified sets of remains helped scientist to conclude that females were about 6.5 meters in height, and males about 8 meters in height.

The museum of natural history located in Winnemucca in Nevada now keeps many of those recovered artifacts, although the giant skeletons cannot be seen anywhere. Legends of the Paiutes served as a foundation for further excavations and research.

During one of those archaeological excavations, a donut shaped object made from stone was discovered. The inner edge of the object had 365 indentations, while there were 52 indentations on the outer edge, clearly suggesting that this object was used as a calendar. Scientist believe that the calendar is one of the most important recovered artifacts.

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