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The Moon is a man-made fabrication – VIDEO


One person claims something pretty unusual about the Moon. Based on his extensive research, he believes that the Moon is a man-made illusion.

This person is a YouTube user and can be found under the name of Ccrow777. He spends hours in analyzing high definition videos of the Moon.

One of his videos shows the phenomenon called lunar wave. This phenomenon is a part of his theory that the Moon is not what we believe it is. According to him, it is actually a hologram. Many people share his belief.

He said that he is aware that such an announcement will attract a lot of interest.

Other possible explanations of the lunar wave effect include camera malfunction, atmospheric pressure or even haze caused by engines of planes. Ccrow777 discarded all these theories.

There are many other online sources which state the same about the Moon. However, some people believe in this theory, some do not.

Despite that, Ccrow777 continued his research. He even found one research conducted by a Russian scientist. The Russian scientist claimed that there is a possibility that the Moon is just an enormous artificial space station and the solar system is also a fake.

Ccrow777 further explained that the Moon is not just a mere space rock. As many maps of the Moon never correspond to one another, he believes that it is just an illusion. Everything about the Moon is fabricated in order to deceive the general public.


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