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The Man Who Found a “Cure For All Diseases” Taken to Supreme Court Over Claims & Wins!

Dr. Sebi, or Alfredo Bowman
Dr. Sebi, or Alfredo Bowman

Before you decide to impulsively reject this information based solely on personal bias, this man’s story is worth a closer look.

Born on November 26th 1933,  in the remote village of Ilanga, which is located in Spanish Honduras, Dr. Sebi, or Alfredo Bowman has not been treating and curing some of the most deadly diseases known to man including cancer and HIV/AIDS.

Before you impulsively reject this because of what you have been told to believe, it should be mentioned that  Dr. Sebi has treated famous patients such as music artist Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes and pop legend Michael Jackson, both of whom swore by his practice and defended it quite outspokenly.

He also has helped Steven Seagal and Eddie Murphy’s mother among a list of others, many of which prefer to remain anonymous.

In 1988 he was actually forced to go to court where he was being sued by the attorney general of New York after placing ads in the local newspapers that he could, in fact, cure any disease.

For the trial Dr. Sebi was ordered that he is to bring one patient for each major disease he claimed he could cure.
The number of witnesses needed were actually less than 10 but, much to the judge and jury’s surprise, 70 cured patients came forward which forced the court to drop the case and rule in Sebi’s favor.

Below you can watch an official news report from CBS about Dr. Sebi’s practice and also an interview with Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes on how he helped to change her life.

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