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The Illuminati agenda to destroy the humanity


It is believed that the Illumniati are trying to destroy the humanity by secretly poisoning our food and and air with electromagnetic nanoparticles.

When HG Wells wrote The War of the Worlds, he imagined creatures from outer space attacking humanity using advanced technology. Humanity is finally saved by our most basic of life forms, the bacteria which co-inhabit this planet.

But what if, instead of humanity, the tiniest of life forms DNA, mitochondria and all the numerous cells which inhabit this planet came under attack.

This alarming scenario is actually in fact exactly what is happening with the use of Nano-technology. There is profound loss of biodiversity on this planet, and most of us had been too busy to notice that this is absolutely deliberate.

This assault on the planet and its inhabitants comes to you courtesy of corporations and your governments. They are the tools of the Illuminati, the deluded few, who believe they own this planet and humanity are simply their slaves.

They regard us as collateral or assets to be played with.

But deep down they are afraid of losing their power and of sharing the resources of this planet on a more equitable basis.
This Circus Maximus has been played throughout history. They have set slave upon slave, army upon army to maintain their control.

Today they hide their initiatives behind Climate Change, whilst they sow toxic aerosols into the atmosphere.


When the right signal is transmitted to your mobile phone, it will activate what will be described in the future as a zombie virus.

Far from being a virus, it is in fact small metal particles consumed in a food waiting for the right signal to activate them. These particles are so small that you cannot see them. They have been added to our food and drink for years waiting for the complete development of this terrible technology.

On a dark command activated through your mobile phone or similar device, these particles will behave as Nano-blenders, homogenizing the organs close to the radiation source.

When you have your mobile in your breast pocket you can expect a heart attack. When you have it in you the front pocket of your jeans your organs will be fried. Close to your brain you’ll have a stroke or some other CVA.

We will bleed from our eyes, our noses, our ears and mouths.

We will cry out in excruciating pain as we become zombies.

Similar technologies have been introduced to the vehicles that we drive.

Remote breaking technologies, Boston brakes, uncontrolled acceleration technologies, remote steering technologies. Similar in fact to QRS-11 gyro chip which can be used to usurp control of aircraft from pilots.
The system will control us and it is designed to take us out.
When these things start to happen, it’ll be easy to persuade law enforcement officers and the armed forces that they have to protect the rest of society from this infectious virus, by violently disposing of the individuals displaying these symptoms. Then the culling of humanity will begin.
We slaves have already been marked for disposal by the very technology that we carry.
It will tell our handlers where we are located and which aircraft we’re on.
So those considered a threat to the system can be disposed of quietly and efficiently, leaving only a report of some adverse event. For history is always written by those in power.
The youth of today are encouraged to get a Mark. Do you know what’s in tattoo ink? Frankly it’s not nice, more metal particles and more cancer. But we are being trained to accept quantum dots and RFID’s and just a little fairy dust for good measure.
Your life and that of your family is in imminent danger, from lack of knowledge.



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