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The face of the Sphinx discovered on Mars – VIDEO


Photographs of the surface of Mars revealed the face of the Sphinx. This discovery was made by the user of YouTube channel Martian Archaeology.

Martian Archaeology is one of many channels devoted to discovering unusual findings in the photos published by NASA.

These photos are made by Curiosity rover, which purpose is to analyze the surface of Mars.

Even though evidence of even microscopic life has yet to be found, the rover revealed that huge oceans existed on Mars in the past, as well as the signs of water on the surface of Mars.

Furthermore, the people behind these YouTube channels claim that ancient civilizations existed on Mars in the past. They found plenty of evidence which NASA continues to ignore.

According to their theories, ancient civilization was wiped from the surface of Mars in an intergalactic nuclear war billions of years ago.

According to Scott C Waring, the Sphinx-like face discovered by Martian Archeology looks a lot like similar discoveries made by archeologists near the Egyptian pyramids.

A small pyramid was also discovered near the face.

NASA refuses to comment on these numerous findings. It was recently revealed that scientists at NASA discovered what caused Mars to lose its atmosphere. The atmosphere on Mars was destroyed by sun’s more powerful rays.

NASA’s discoveries are based on scientific evidence, and it is possible that the findings made by numerous researchers are a pure result of a phenomenon known as pareidolia.

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