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The end of Monsanto – A world changing patent

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Paul Stamets is one of the world’s leading mycologists, incredibly educated and well known in academic circles. The question we need to ask ourselves is-Why has no one heard of his patent that might just save the world?

In 2006 Paul created a way for nature to save our crops. By creating something he dubbed SMART pesticides, he utilizes mother nature to remove the insects that destroy our food. The pesticide is safe and the most effective way to control the 200,000 species of insect that feed on our crops.

This is accomplished by using entomapathogenic Fungi, or rather, Fungi that destroys insects. This type of fungi does not produce spores, but it actually attracts insects. When insects feed on this type of fungi, it grows from the inside of the bugs and destroys them. Grizzly, but efficient and effective.

However, the patent which sources from the pesticide industry called the most disruptive technology they have ever seen received little to no attention. The answer of course has already been stated in the previous sentence.

It is a fact that pesticides are destroying the world. It is no use denying this fact, we clearly see animals going extinct, bodies of water being polluted and plants just withering away or being deformed by these chemicals. What’s worse is that the disappearance of bees has mostly been attributed to Monsanto’s chemicals, which are being sprayed all over farmers’ fields.

While the good news is that Monsanto has been steadily proclaimed illegal in many countries, there are many still who have no problem with their products. They are, after all, a 16 billion dollar per year business. With that amount of money, they can control information and media in any way they want.

All that we can do is to educate ourselves on GMO‘s and how to produce sustainable organic food. We urge you to also Google and read as much as you can about Paul Stamets. Read his Wikipedia page and watch his TED talk. You won’t regret it.

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