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The elite is ready to survive the breakdown of society


There are many indications that our world is about to collapse. The disaster is only one step away.

However, many people have been preparing for the catastrophic turn of events. Some people are ready to survive in the world without the power, the food supply and without functional society.

This is the advantage of super-rich people. The elite has already invested a lot in doomsday bunkers. The sad truth is that only a limited number of people can enjoy this. Only those who can afford it can survive the upcoming chaos. But – what about the rest of the world?

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland many observed that the elite are becoming more concerned with the possibility of a social breakdown.

The elite will hide in the remote locations where they can be protected from revolution, rebellion, anarchy or any other form of social unrest.


Vicino’s company offers doomsday properties to the rich. One of those properties is located in a former Cold War munitions storage facility in Germany. This property can provide housing to 34 super-rich families.

These families will have numerous facilities at their disposal, including swimming pools, a wine cellar and luxurious living quarters.

Those living in Vicino’s properties will have their own set of rules and bylaws. They will solve their conflicts internally. Other threats coming from the outside world will be solved by security force employed by the company.


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