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The elite is more paranoid than ever


The elite is laughing at ordinary people for becoming paranoid over the possibility of an apocalypse, while they invest billions of dollars in home security.

Numerous headlines in the media show that people are aware that an apocalypse is possible, so they are putting food, cash and other things aside, in case of an emergency.

The members of the elite are doing the same, but on a more expensive level. The elite is investing money in home security measures and underground luxurious bomb shelters.

Members of the elite are more paranoid than any other person in this world. They consider themselves superior to other people. Therefore, they constantly fear for their own safety.

They secure their homes from cyber hacking, physical intrusion, kidnapping and many other potential incidents. Their homes are constantly monitored by 24-hour CCTV cameras. London elites seem to be the most paranoid.

Members of the elite are also investing in doomsday bunkers, in case of a complete society breakdown. One of such bunkers is located in Indiana. The precise location is hidden from the public. The name of this object is Vivos Indiana.  This facility can endure a zombie apocalypse, a nuclear war or some other “the end of the world” scenario.

It is a bit unfair that only the privileged can afford such luxury in case of an apocalypse. The rest of the world would be left out in the open to simply cease to exist.

They can even afford superyachts and getaway submarines. These vehicles are even armored with missile and torpedo defenses.

Up to this day it remains a mystery why the elite is investing so much in their safety. Is it because they know that something is about to happen or they simply have more than enough to splurge on whatever they imagine?

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