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The dark matter can pass through the Earth, but nobody knows what that can cause

filaments of dark matter

The dark matter is a part of all matter and energy in the universe. The scientists revealed that filaments of dark matter spread from the Earth into space.

The scientists used a computer simulation to provide an insight into what happens when streams of dark matter travel through a planet like Earth.

Gary Prézeau of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory conducted this analysis and published the results in the Astrophysical Journal.

According to his analysis, numerous filaments of dark matter branch from the Earth and into space. These filaments of dark matter are produced when a dark matter stream goes through a planet.

The density of dark matter particles at the root of filament appears to have a higher density than at the tip of a filament. This occurs when particles of the dark matter go through the Earth’s core. It appears that the root of such stream of particles is located 600,000 miles from the surface.

If such theory is proven, it would reveal a lot about the dark matter. It is necessary to determine the location of the root of these hairs in order to send a probe to collect data about dark matter.

These strains of dark matter would also reveal details about the changes of density within the layers of our planet.

Based on numerous experiments, scientists have come to the conclusion that the dark matter exists. However, both dark matter and dark energy still have to be detected.

Previous research and simulations proved that streams of dark matter particles are formed and move at the same speed in other similar galaxies. Gravity is what holds those particles together.

Further research into this matter will reveal other interesting pieces of information concerning the mysterious dark matter.

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