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The Crimean Pyramids – mysterious megalithic constructions


There are megalithic constructions and pyramids located on the Peninsula of Crimea. Signs of many different cultures and ancient civilizations can be found here.

Crimea is located at the northern coast of the Black Sea. It is an autonomous republic of Ukraine.

The pyramids were discovered by Vitalij Gokh in 1999. According to him, many structures are buried under the peninsula.

This researcher invented a device which is able to detect elements from Mendeleev Periodic Table, deposits of oil and gas, mechanisms and devices, material objects both on the Earth and in the areas of remote Space. This device also takes snapshots of the planets, stars, constellations, areas of Space, achieved by means of satellites or telescopes.

These devices enabled him to make various discoveries. Some of those include the discovery of many limestone blocks.

Also, he discovered that three beams of energy were emanated from the top of one of the structures at frequencies 900×109 Hz, 700×109 Hz and 500×109 Hz. His team also concluded that this underground pyramid used to be on the surface. However, flooding was the reason why the pyramid is underground.

The discovery of a giant pyramid of 45 meters in height and a length of about 72 meters by Vitalij Gokh has been made public. He concluded that this pyramid was constructed before dinosaurs.

This pyramid resembles the Egyptian pyramid, but it has a truncated top like a Mayan pyramid. It has been reported that a mummy of unknown creature is buried under the foundation. However, details have not been officially confirmed.

Vitaliy Gokh stated that the constructor of these structures is unknown. He added that these pyramids could be oldest structures on the planet to date.

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