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Giants roamed the Earth in the past


Large amount of evidence proves that giants exist beyond the world of legends and fairytales.

Remains of giant red-haired people were discovered in a cave in the American Southwest. They were 12 feet tall.

Based on the belief of Native Americans, gigantic beings used to live one Earth thousands of years before Native Americans. It seems that Native Americans fought against gigantic mammals and gigantic people. It is also believed that the evidence of numerous ancient giant skeletons is kept as a secret by the Smithsonian.

Even the Bible talks about the giants through the Old and New Testament. Also, Sumerians mention so called fallen angels in their tales.

The first discoveries of the giant skeletons have been made in the eighteenth century throughout North America. These remains were found together with various artifacts. All this serves to prove their existence and this evidence cannot be refuted.

In comparison to an average human being, giants are 50% taller and at least 100% larger. They were at least six times heavier than an average human being. They usually had red or blonde hair.

Characteristics of their face include high foreheads, high cheekbones, very strong chins and some with a prominent gap between the two front teeth. Even though it can be observed as unusual, they had two sets of teeth, which is known as double dentition.

They had six fingers and six toes. Some even had horns on their heads. The remains of such horned skeletons were found in Pennsylvania in the 1880s. The bodies were sent to the American Investigating Museum and they claim that the bodies were stolen afterwards.

Giant hammers were found in an ancient copper mine, which proves that they possessed the massive strength.

Even though evidence of giants exists, modern archaeology is doing everything they can to conceal the truth.


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