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The ancient biblical city of Sodom discovered in Jordan – VIDEO


Archaeologists believe that they have discovered the remains of the Biblical city of Sodom. Two biblical cities Sodom and Gomorrah were both destroyed by God because its residents were engaged in immoral sexual activities.

After 10 years of archaeological excavations, large portions of the ancient city are unearthed. It is believed that the city was deserted 700 years before being reoccupied.

The presumed remains of the ancient city of Sodom are located on a site named Tall el-Hamaam. According to Steven Collins, who is the leader of the project, this ancient city was a lot bigger than the other cities in the area.

The team discovered that the city had thick defense walls, which were even 10 meters high. Collins added that there aren’t many maps describing the Jordan River Valley in the Bronze Age.

This discovery was unknown prior to the beginning of the project. The biblical description of Sodom corresponds to Tall el-Hammam.

Archaeologists found evidence which proves that this site has all characteristics of the ancient city of Sodom. According to the Bible, this city was located by the Jordan River and major trade routes.

Apparently, the city was deserted due to unknown reasons at the end of the Bronze Age. It is believed that an earthquake could have been the possible reason. However, after being abandoned for 700 years, it was inhabited again.

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