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Ten reasons why the new world order is at its end

New World Order

There is mounting evidence that the New World Order is losing its grip on humanity. After a series of failures and the re-awaking of mankind, there rule of terror is coming to an end.

The globalist powers have been losing their position for some time. In their efforts to speed up their plans following the events of 9/11, people have noticed something odd about their reality. They realized the truth about what happened and the NWO realizes that people are not as gullible as before.

Now the global elites are nervous and in turn, they started making mistakes.

We give you proof that their end is near:

Loss of belief in the media – Recent polls show that 3 quarters of the population do not trust television, at least the corporate kind. A serious blow for the global elites, as now their monopoly over the airwaves means very little. If people don’t believe their lies, then they have no use for their media companies.

Fight against banks – Both Iceland and Hungary have thrown out international bankers (IMF) and is actually thinking of the momentous idea of pursuing politicians who allowed their people to be enslaved by debt.

Legalization of Cannabis – While it may seem unimportant, cannabis has for a long time been a powerful medicine for almost any ailment, be it of the body, mind or soul. Huge amounts of money have been used to keep marijuana illegal. It being more and more legalized throughout the world is a very good sign.

Politicians can’t lie for long – Before, people believed anything the establishment told them. Today, very few people do. They have lied so many times, so often and so severely that trust is mostly gone and the people look to other ways of determining what is right, what is wrong and what is real.

Politicians don’t do anything – As far as America goes, the trust in the government has never been this low. Over 90 percent of people believe that Congress is useless. Ninety percent! What more can one say here.

GMOs becoming illegal – Monsanto has been exposed for some time now and all their strength and money does not mean much when the world is fighting them. Monsanto and other Franken-food creators are fighting a war they will lose.

Decentralization – First Scotland tried to leave the UK. Then, England left the EU successfully. All around the world secession movement are gaining momentum, and it’s only a matter of time till most of the EU nations drop the euro.

Rise of the police state – Everyday city police goes out in full combat gear. The NSA spy system is used by the DEA and the IRS. The elite are losing power, they are panicking and are strong-arming the world by making soldiers out of policemen.

Rising unrest among soldiers- Soldiers every day are speaking out against the US military industry. They refuse to be brainwashed and to kill innocent women and children for the big oil companies.

The Vatican acting more like Christians- After the number of scandals plaguing his predecessor, pope Francis is working hard to seem humble, and trying to get people to forget about the church’s pedophilic past.

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