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Strong activity along the Ring of Fire


Our planet never sleeps! It is constantly active and an average of about 35 volcanic eruptions per year just confirms that.

Volcano Discovery says that there are 40 active volcanoes at this very moment, and 85% of them are along the Ring of the fire. During the last century, this activity was not so strong. The activities of the Earth are presented not only through volcanic eruptions, but through earthquakes as well. A recent horrible earthquake in Nepal caused the drop of the Himalayas by 91cm. These changes are enormous. So, why do we ignore these facts?

These changes don’t happen overnight. They are a part of a long process, and they are getting stronger lately.

An increased earthquake activity is obvious. An average number of about 108 earthquakes per year in the period from 1980 to 1989, increased by 38.9% during the 9-year period, from 2000 to 2009.  Another worrying fact is that super-volcanoes, such as Island, Santorini, Utoruncu, the Yellowstone and Long Valley calderas and other super-volcanoes, started showing the first signs of eruptive nature.

Bad habit of people is that they neglect things until they start causing trouble.

This kind of behavior should be changed. Signs of potential activity of dormant volcanoes must not be neglected. People should be prepared for extreme earthquakes and enormous volcanic eruptions, and it is possible that the Ring of Fire is going to be first to demonstrate that.

The Ring of Fire surrounds the Pacific Ocean. Most of the earthquakes (90%) and volcanic activity (75%) come from this region. It is really strange that the west coast of North America somehow avoided major earthquakes and eruptions, but giving the fact that it lies on the Ring, it doesn’t mean that natural disasters of this kind are not going to happen.

Japan is one of the countries with a long history of strong seismic events. Last week, on Tuesday, an earthquake of 6.8 magnitude occurred in Japan, when the Pacific tectonic plate moved under the main land plate. Hasegawa, a Japanese official, is convinced that there will be more of this type of events.

What brings more worries is the fact that seismic activities can cause additional trouble. They can cause gigantic, equally destructive waves (tsunami) or to cause the collapse of nuclear power plants. An earthquake followed by a tsunami in 2011 remained well remembered.

Another example is Papua Nova Guinea, which on Thursday faced a strong earthquake of 7.1 magnitude. It happened 150 km southwest of Panguna on Boungainville Island.

Everyone should know that these events are unpredictable and sometimes unexplainable. They can easily change their nature and behavior, so there is no room for relaxing. Indolent people must change their attitude.

For instance, scientists cannot explain why the magnetic field is getting weaker much faster than they thought – 5 percent per decade, instead of 5 percent per century. This is why the shift of the magnetic north is going to happen much sooner than expected. This change was predicted to happen in about 2,000 years, but the new information shows differently.

Activities on the Sun are also happening faster than forecasted.

It is clear that we cannot explain everything that nature puts us through, but we also cannot stop trying.

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