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The strictly hidden secret of the American army: Hair is the extension of the nervous system


It is a common belief that a certain hairstyle presents personal preference. On the other hand, a completely different situation was during the Vietnam War.

The story of a woman who was married to a licensed psychologist, who worked with combat veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, revealed something else. One night her husband came home with a thick folder containing official documents from government studies. After he read them he decided to grow his beard and hair and he never cut it since. His example was followed by many doctors and staff members at VA Medical center.

According to these documents, tough and young Native Americans were trained to move stealthily through rough terrain during the Vietnam War. These young men were recruited from American Indian Reservations. They had to have perfect tracking and survival skills.

However, after they were recruited, their abilities inexplicably disappeared as they tried to perform as expected in the field. In order to find causes of this, the government conducted expensive testing of these recruits.

It seemed that recruits lost their abilities when their hair was cut in a military haircut. Recruiters said that they were no longer able to use their sixth sense to notice the enemy, their intuition was unreliable and they could no longer read signs or access subtle extrasensory information.

In order to test whether this was true, the testing institute recruited more Indian trackers and let them keep their long hair. Two Indians were paired up, one with long hair and one with a short haircut. Each time, Indian with long hair had better results than the other with a short haircut.

During one such test, the recruiter with long hair is asleep and is able to sense the imminent enemy and run away before the enemy is close or makes any audible signs of approaching.

After similar tests, the same man now gets his hair cut and every time failed these tests and all other tests that he had previously completed successfully.

Thus, the recommendation based on the official reports was to allow all Indian trackers to keep their long haircuts.

As hair is an extension of the nervous system, it can be concluded that hair and facial hair works as exteriorized nerves or antennas that pass on huge amount of significant data and energy to the brain and other parts of it. After the hair is cut, these abilities cease to exist.

Ancient mythology has a similar story. Undefeatable Sampson was defeated after Delilah cut his hair. Maybe we should pay attention to what we already know.

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