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STRICTLY KEPT SECRET: NASA Finds HIDDEN portals in Earth’s magnetic field


NASA-funded researchers at the University of Iowa will analyze a hidden portal discovered in the Earth’s magnetic field.

While many of these subjects have been part of countless conspiracy theories, people on Earth have come a far way in the last decade in our quest to understand the secrets of the universe.

It turns out there are ‘hidden portals’ in our planets Magnetic field.

Scientifically speaking, a wormhole is a ‘hypothetical’ feature in space-time that primarily acts as some sort of a shortcut through the universe. This has been featured in numerous science fiction movies and accepted as a possible way of travel of advanced Extraterrestrial beings which  Science tends to be split in their opinions on this matter. While many believe wormholes, portals, and shortcuts in the cosmos are most likely possible, others firmly reject that notion, saying it’s all part of science fiction.

Interestingly, Science Fiction has made numerous new technologies a possibility. Things that were considered as science fiction half a century ago are today’s reality.

Speaking about portals, “It’s called a flux transfer event or ‘FTE,’,” says space physicist David Sibeck of the Goddard Space Flight Center. “Ten years ago I was pretty sure they didn’t exist, but now the evidence is incontrovertible.”

An example of how science fiction turns into a possibility is a discovery NASA Made in Earths Magnetic field as they have discovered there are hidden portals there.

In fact, there are certain areas in Earths magnetic field that is connected with our Sun’s magnetic field, meaning that this allows for an ‘uninterrupted’ path that leads from Earth to the Sun, located some 93 million miles away.

In order to make the discovery, NASA used its THEMIS spacecraft which examined the phenomenon.

According to NASA the strange portals open and close several times a day.

Strangely, UFO hunters have claimed for years that our sun is part of a gigantic Star Gate used by ‘Gods’ or highly advanced extraterrestrial civilizations to travel across the universe rapidly.

According to research, the portals NASA discovered are mostly located tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth, and some of them are small while other gigantic, vast and sustained.

According to scientists, these portals transfer massive amounts of magnetically charged particles that originate in the sun.

There are many unanswered questions: Why do the portals form every 8 minutes? How do magnetic fields inside the cylinder twist and coil?

Magnetic portals are invisible, unstable and elusive. They open and close without warning, and there are no signposts to guide in – Dr. Scudder, University of Iowa.


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  • Hildy_K

    Nasa? Through cern maybe? Guess portals have always been. Don’t choose to care about portals unless it’s the way, the truth, the life through Jesus Christ portal..

  • Debra

    People really don’t get that they are living in God’s footstool, an enclosed, inescapable,flat planed earth!! Genesis 1 explains this wonderfully! We live inside the firmament or as TV puts it “Under the Dome” and you can’t get to “outer space” as they call it because mankind can’t get through the firmament! Science fiction tells us we’re ‘somewhere in the universe’ but God tells us we are in His throne room, in His footstool, and His feet are resting there, He is watching us all! Praise Jesus!!
    NASA is just as FAKE as Science is Fiction!!

  • Todd Bradshaw (Toddskee)

    It’s so encouraging to see posts like this. Finally, folks are waking up. Go further down the rabbit hole and study this – and it’s to be discovered that this whole system changed God’s personal name to a generic hand me down title. On the other hand, Scriptures say to His Glory – That His Name will Endure Forever. In fact, We are commanded to declare it before the nations. And not take it in vain..;) Yahweh – (YHWH/Hebrew) is that name. Christianity has been fooled. We’ve all been fooled. It’s time to wake up. Study for yourselves, all of you and search the scriptures and the testimony to what I am saying because it’s important less you sound off in bias as those will no belief being brainwashed in a world religion that dictates we’re on a spinning ball. Our enemy is sneaky and clever. This creation is Yahweh’s and it is indeed His footstool. I point to our enemy who is endlessly tampering with times and laws in so much the fallen still make sure their original names are known over the ages unchanged and untampered with in pride. In closing, if this sounds like a stretch.. Download a PDF of the original Vatican scan of the historic 1611 Bible. Inside, you will find something different with how they presented the name Jesus. On the cover of the book, look at the little oval in the beautiful artwork and at the very top and there is a space reserved for 4 Hebrew contantants. What does it say if you can tell? One does not have to look far to know WHY it’s there and unto this day has been hidden from His people. Like Israel in Egypt, they had to be reminded of the forgotten. Let know man tell you does in matter because they discredit themselves when simple math is ignored but see fit to explain the complicated. We have our mission and calling but truth is truth. It’s heartbreaking how Christians argue and deny this in times such as these. Time is short. Even so, ”Our Father, whom art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done.” As you remember.

    In days coming, trying days, may it be our privledge to hold His Name high on our Banner as we stand before and battle Giants.

    ”Because He has set His will upon Me, therefore I will deliver him; I will set him on high because he has known My Name.” – Pslam 91:14

    See you all on the other side! Pass on the good news and keep looking up!! 🙂

  • mark evans

    Great post Todd, totally agree. Praise to Yahushua!

  • John

    No matter what NASA says, God is in total control of the world that He made. It will endure for as long as He wants it to. Yes, God made a flat stationary earth covered by a dome. This is where we live. We have all been brainwashed with NASA’s lies since we were in grade 1. Time to accept the real truth which is “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” More at

  • harold4321

    Absolute nonsense.

  • harold4321


  • MysticKnight17

    Nope, god is fake, the bible is a story book, wake up already. If you need to believe in something like a “god” to feel good about yourself, yeah, you need help.

  • wylekat

    I see the dimwits for jesus have arrived….

  • Debra

    No, just truth.

  • Debra

    Cause your ‘science fiction’ is so smart?? They can’t even prove ‘gravity’ but I bet you “believe” in that?? You’ve never said “God Bless America”? Never said “God Bless You” to someone sneezing? I am wide awake and aware while you listen to fairy tales and science fiction and think they know more than what your own eyes tell you! The mind is a powerful weapon….be careful how you use it as it can kill you!

  • Debra

    Thanks for sharing and for being rooted in truth! Loving truth instead of fighting and/or denying it is what makes us stronger than the enemy! It is unfortunate that our ‘pastors’ don’t know even the beginning of the Holy Word and teach more lies than truth, but that is why Jesus Himself said to “Let NO man deceive you” not even your ‘leaders’ in the church!! Seek Ye the KINGDOM of Heaven while it may be found, soon it will be too late!

  • Todd Bradshaw (Toddskee)

    Very well said! All of us are truly blessed to be living in these times even as scary as it gets at times. The veil is lifting and may we all stay grounded and hold each other up. Blessings to you all in His Service.

    ”They say, Aslan is on the move..”

    – The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe C.S. Lewis

  • Justin

    Wtf is going on here. Why are you fanatics even reading this and taking up comment space that could be used for possible theories as to what is going on here. Spread your word elsewhere.

  • J A

    You, are a jackass.

  • J A

    Speak it! These fools wouldn’t know the truth even if it transported them to another planet!

  • Todd Bradshaw (Toddskee)

    You were given the answer and I have every right to speak up here in this place as you do. I simply pointed to The Creator of all things and those portals are opening up above us and beneath our feet. The heavens are showing signs and wonders.

    What an incredible age to live in.

    You do not have to believe that or even read it and you cannot silence it. Your TV might go off for good one day and find yourself repeating your first sentence above word by word when we all see what’s really been going on since the dawn of time. Keep looking up my friend!

  • Justin

    There are no magic portals or inter-dimensional wormholes moving material from one point to another instantaneously. Only connecting magnetic field lines that allow particles to move in an “uninterrupted path”. And stating that it is God’s will brings us no closer to understanding the unanswered questions. Religion plays its part just as science does but not when it comes to understanding particle physics, astrophysics or electromagnetism.

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