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Stonehenge has its twin on Mars? – VIDEO


UFO hunters made some new discoveries on Mars. They believe that a construction which resembles Stonehenge is discovered on Mars.

This discovery is named Marshenge. Marshenge indicates that an ancient civilization once inhabited Mars. This civilization was destroyed by a nuclear war.

This is just one among the many discoveries that the ET researchers believe to have found in NASA images of the Martian surface.

Marshenge consists of two circles of rocks and one square in its center. Similar constructions were discovered earlier and according to Scott C Waring they are always located on small hills.

Many other people also believe that this discovery looks a lot like Stonehenge because of its stone set up.

A theory emerged saying that maybe the same builders constructed both Stonehenge and Marshenge.

However, NASA explains these discoveries as the effect of pareidolia, which is an optical illusion when the brain deceives the eyes into seeing familiar objects.

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