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Stephen Hawking: If aliens come, they will destroy the mankind – VIDEO


Stephen Hawking believes that aliens might try to colonize the Earth and that the contact won’t be pleasant.

He compared possible alien visit and the fate of humans to the fate of Native Americans when Columbus came to America.

He describes such advanced alien races as nomads who are seeking to colonize and win over any planet that they discover.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute is doing a scientific research on finding extraterrestrial life.

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner is funding Mr Hawking’s Breakthrough Listen project with £64 million. The aim of this 10-year scheme is to discover alien signals transmitted from their planet.

Hawkings added that he is certain that aliens exist. However, he cannot quite make up his mind about their appearance. It is simply something that cannot easily be calculated.


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  • Joaquin Franco

    Invasions have been very often on our history. Since primitive groups of humans, all civilizations later, until today.
    But today after Napoleon ( on Russia fields ) and after II WW we learned any invasion can report a high cost for the intruders.
    If some alien civilization decides to target the Earth, and they didn’t before today we have enough nuclear weapons to give him a very life hostile planet ( even for us is a kamikaze mission ).
    I guess for them would be less cost to invade Mars or some big planets moons.

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