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Space lizard? Alien creature ‘on high alert’ on Mars catches UFO fans’ eyes – VIDEO


UFO lovers claim to have spotted a lizard on Mars. It seems that this space lizard was frightened by the presence of the Curiosity rover.

A twitter user analyzed a photograph taken by Curiosity and informed those devoted to stories about the UFOs.

According to this photograph, this creature resembles a lizard, his body is covered with skin. However, its head looks shiny and like it has an outer shell on it.

Based on the position of its head, it has been concluded that the lizard was on alert because it noticed Curiosity.

The question is why NASA never reported any similar findings? Ufologists always seem to be the ones who report such things.

This is just one of many things that were observed recently. Prior to this event, a space crab was observed on the surface of Mars.

Also, UFO lovers claim that they saw an alien which looks a lot like a woman with long hair and breasts. It seems that this alien woman was looking at Curiosity from a distance.

Based on other raw photos, UFO lovers discovered an alleged pyramid on the Red Planet.

Even though many ufologists want these stories to be true, these occurrences can also be described by a vision defect called pareidolia. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon when someone notices a significant pattern in unexpected places.

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