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Some mysterious object blocked the light of a star


Unusual behavior of a star under the name of KIC 8462852 attracted attention of UFO hunters. This star was observed during the NASA’s Kepler mission.

The unusual behavior of the star was recorded in 2011 and 2013. Since the star’s light darkened in a way that was never before observed, it was concluded that something blocked the star’s light.

Scientists explained that star’s light was blocked by something similar to the artificial Death Star from the Star Wars movies.

According to the latest study based on the data from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, the star was observed in infrared light. The purpose of this was to determine whether an excess of infrared light existed around the star.  An excess of infrared light is an indication of a planetary impact or a collision amongst asteroids. However, Spitzer failed to discover any significant excess of infrared light from warm dust.

Michael Werner further revealed that family of comets orbiting around the star could be responsible for blocking the stars light. It would pass in front of the star again in 2013 and block its light. The comets were away from the star during the Spitzer observation in 2015.

Massimo Marengo of Iowa State University stated that further observation is needed in order to determine if the comets orbiting around the star are responsible for the block out.

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