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Solar storms will wipe out humanity because the Earth will lose its magnetic shield

solar storm

Solar storms could have a devastating effect on the Earth in case magnetic poles shift.

This occurrence was confirmed by Bruce Jakosky. Solar winds are responsible for the disappearance of the atmosphere on Mars. In case magnetic poles shift, our planet will lose its magnetic field which shields the Earth from harmful rays of the Sun. Our magnetic field will disappear for approximately 200 years during which time Sun’s solar blasts will destroy our atmosphere the same way it destroyed the atmosphere on Mars.

Fortunately, it took billions of years for that to happen on Mars so the effect on our atmosphere won’t cause significant damage to the atmosphere.

The disappearance of our shield against the harmful rays of sun could increase the risk of skin cancer, destroy global communications facilities, power supplies, and might even lead to fires and rioting on the streets.

Some fear that mass earthquakes, rapid climate change, extinctions and global destruction will be triggered by swap of the magnetic poles from north to south.

Geologists confirmed that the last shift of the magnetic poles from north to south happened 780,000 years ago during the stone age. Alan Thompson stated that major disasters or earth shifting did not happen during that shift.

This shift of magnetic poles is due to happen somewhere between 1,000 to 10,000 years.

According to Jean-Pierre Valet, the shift of magnetic poles influences a large decrease of the total field intensity.

Monika Korte revealed that we probably would not notice the change in geomagnetic field reversal. It must be noted that the magnetic fields on Earth are quite weaken and such trend will continue until the flip happens.


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