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Six projects that America stole from Germany and became a superpower

In all possible senses, Germany was the most advanced industrial superpower in the world during World War II.

Even though Germany came out of the war as defeated party, their inventions were generously stolen by other countries, especially by the USA. Somehow, the USA has been constantly developing since that time. It even gained the title of the “superpower”.

These are the six German invention that the USA stole from them.

  1. Aviation Operations

The first air combat and maneuvers of that type Germans performed during the invasion of Europe. Normandy, Denmark, France and the Netherlands have very quickly dropped the weapons when overpowering German onslaughts happened and small groups of parachutists successfully dropped, in order to occupy their territory.

The USA and Great Britain have simply been impressed by the power of air troops, so they decided to direct huge amounts of their resources towards development of this field, earlier neglected way of waging war.

  1. Synchropters

Synchropter is a special type of helicopter. It uses serrated blades which rotate in the opposite direction than usual. It was originally developed in Germany and named “Flettner Fl 282”.

Americans captured the inventor of this unusual aircraft, Anton Flettner, during the “Operation Paperclip”. He was practically forced to design the same aircrafts for the US military. These helicopters became a standard part of their military weapons.

  1. Jet aircrafts

“Messerschmitt Me 262″ was the first aircraft powered by jet engine which was used in fighting. It gave a Germans significant advantage.

It completely overpowered Soviet and American bombers. However, the US was able to seize one “Me 262” when they raided the German territory.

  1. Cruise missiles

In June 1944, the rain of flying bombs “V-1” showered London. These so-called “buzzers” were quite imprecise, but they had a strong psychological impact on the frightened British population. Their buzzing practically caused phobia of this sound. Americans were the first ones who took over this technology from the Germans and in later years upgraded and developed it.

  1. Methamphetamines

So-called “meth” was invented in 1893, by a Japanese chemist, but during the war it was used for the first time by the German army. Pilots and infantries used it in order not to feel fatigue and to be persistent during battle. News about this “miraculous” drug traveled fast, primarily to the United States.

  1. Rockets

Rocket science was one of the most impressive aspects of Hitler’s Germany. Allied troops have struggled to steal and apply arms patents of Hitler’s army. The United States, and the Soviet Union took part in abductions of German scientists who developed these programs. Those scientists later became one of the pioneers of the American space program.

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