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Siberian statue carries secret code 7,000yr before writing began


A mysterious wooden statue holds a secret code which nobody managed to decipher. The Shigir Idol was built in 9,000 BC.

The statue was discovered in a peat bog in Kirovgrad, Siberia, in 1890.

Based on the latest research conducted in Germany, it was concluded that the statue is 11,000 years old. The latest finding points that the sculpture was built at the end of the last Ice Age, which makes it older than the pyramids and the Stonehenge.

The Shigir Idol is on display in the Sverdlovsk Regional History Museum. Its original height was 5.3 meters. However, pieces of it were lost, so now it is 2.8 meters high. The basic characteristics of the sculpture’s face include high cheekbones and straight nose, which could be a representation of ancient civilization that made the statue.

The sculpture is covered in an unknown system of writing. Based on the age of sculpture, this writing could be the oldest in the world. The author of this ancient writing remains a mystery.

This ancient writing was never translated and experts consider it some sort of secret code. Translation of this writing could possibly unveil some secret knowledge.

Leading researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Archaeology, Professor Mikhail Zhilin stated that people who made it were quite intelligent and lived in a complicated spiritual world.

The sculpture has seven faces on it, while only one is three-dimensional. Those faces probably represent ancient spirits which the people worshiped.

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