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Shocking discovery: Number 58 etched into Mars and the Moon ‘proves aliens exist’


Alien investigators discovered numbers 58 etched both on the surface of the Moon and Mars. They consider is as proof of alien existence.

The “markings” were reportedly found by Marcelo Irazusta and his son James who were scouring the software to see what came up.

Sandra Elena Andrade uploaded a video about the finds entitled “Number 58 on the Moon and Mars – coincidence or intelligent signals?”

She said: “This amazing discovery by Marcelo Irazusta and his son James leads us to reflect on the possibility of the existence of intelligent signals.

“The number 58 existing on the Moon is very similar, but smaller, to the existing one on Mars.”

There have been a host of so-called discoveries in official space photographs of the moon, mars and other planets, including animals, alien beings, and buildings.

Sceptical scientists argue they are the result of pareidolia – when the brain causes the eyes to recognise familiar objects and shapes like faces in patterns or textures such a as a rock surface.

But for Ms Andrade, this is impossible.

She added: “This coincidence is undeniable even for those who reject this type of discovery, saying it is pareidolia.

“The pictures are by Google Mars and Google Moon. Everyone can see and draw their own conclusions.”


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