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Mysterious turquoise stone discovered


Angelo Pitoni was exploring Sierra Leone in 1990 in order to determine whether a region Kono was rich in deposits of diamonds. During his exploration, he was presented with a blue stone with mysterious white lines on its surface.

Fullah Chief found this stone and showed it to Pitoni. According to a legend, rebellion was about to occur between angels and God had discovered it. God banished Angels to Earth were they became statues. Angels fell to Earth together with pieces of sky and stars. And this is how natives explain why the area is so rich in minerals and diamonds.

Even though the color of this stone is similar to very pure turquoise, this mysterious stone didn’t have any flaws that are common in turquoise.

Pitoni analyzed the stone at the Institute of Natural Sciences of Geneva and the University La Sapienza in Rome. Tests confirmed that it was not a turquoise. Moreover, it didn’t match any known mineral.

Researcher can’t explain the origin of its color as it is not justified by the composition of the stone. Many tried, but eventually failed.

The stone even endured tests with acids. It was even heated at 3.000 degrees Celsius and remained without a flaw. Nonetheless, when a piece of the stone was examined under the microscope it was colorless.

The only thing researchers know for sure is that it didn’t come from Earth and that is not made by nature. They even believe that this mysterious stone was fabricated by an advanced civilization that is not documented in history.

According to the analysis to determine the composition of Sky stone, 77.17% of the stone was made of oxygen. The rest is made of carbon, silicon, calcium and other elements. But the question that remains without a logical answer is how a stone can be made of oxygen.

The stone underwent further tests in Spain. It was tested using X-Ray analysis, plasma spectrometry, gas chromatography, mass spectrometry and finally infrared-spectrometry and still left scientist puzzled.

It was only concluded on the basis of an X-Ray test that it was composed mainly of calcium hydroxide -Ca (OH) ²-, calcium carbonate and calcium silicate -CaCO³- -Ca²SiO4. But nothing can explain its color.

Based on the plasma spectrometry analysis, the oxygen level was reduced to 50/100 or 55/100, which is normal in any rock.

After crushing a piece of the stone and mixing it with acetone, hexane and methylene, and enhancing the extractions with ultrasound, scientist were able to identify an organic compound that was unfamiliar to the science. The organic compound existing in the sky rock is assumed to be between 15.000 – 55.000 years old.

Based on the molecular formula of the stone, it cannot be connected with any other molecular formula which exists on Earth.

Maybe this stone is indeed a mystery or scientist just didn’t do their jobs properly.



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