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SHOCK CLAIM: The Queen has ‘secret love child cousin’ from hidden royal fling


A new book reveals secret details about the Queen and the Royal family. New shocking claims were made in the book.

Queen Elizabeth II could have a secret cousin who was sired by her uncle the notorious abdicator King Edward VIII.

History remembers the Royal as one of the country’s shortest reigning monarchs who gave up the crown so he could marry his divorcee lover.

But a new theory about the son of King George V and brother of King George VI assert he could have fathered a hidden love-child in France.

It is said Edward VIII visited Paris as a teenager and fathered a child with a young seamstress whom he paid off with hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The sensational claims are made in the book The Man Who Should Have Been King.

The book was penned by Swiss-Frenchman Francois Graftieaux, who claims his father was the illegitimate son of the monarch.

He claims a royal affair would account for how his seamstress grandmother suddenly came into large amounts of money.

Mr Graftieaux claims he has even written to the Queen asking for a DNA test and boasts his father was the “spitting image” of the former king.

The Royal Family have never confirmed these wild allegations.

The 18-year-old Prince Edward arrived in Paris as a dashing young socialite in 1912.

While attending glamorous parties in the city of love, he met and struck up a passionate affair with Marie Leonie, then 17.

She gave birth to a son named Pierre-Edouard Graftieaux, in 1916, but the father section of the birth certificate was left blank.

A platinum diamond bracelet was also passed down to the family which is reportedly identical to the one the King gave to Wallis Simpson.

She went on to change her name to Marcelle Dormoy, and become a celebrated designer.

The 70-year-old Mr Graftieaux said: “I believe a secret contract was agreed in which she received money in exchange for her silence on the matter.

“I’m not asking for their love nor their money, nor indeed any power.

“I just want to know if my origins, even illegitimate, are to be found here.”

It is claimed Edward’s affair with the fashionista continued during his frequent trips to Paris throughout the 1910s.

The Prince frequently visited the front lines of World War One’s Western Front and would enjoy visits to the French capital during these trips.

The royal is said to have wooed Miss Graftieaux at Luna Park, a fair that included rices and a dance hall on the outskirts of Paris.

Mr Graftieaux says he has spent a large part of his adult life investigating this century old family mystery.


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