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SHOCK CLAIM: Aliens do exist and they ‘live in our solar system’


A top space scientist confirmed that aliens exist with his new theory. According to him, aliens will be exposed within the next decade.

Foundations for the astonishing claim lie on the planet Europa – Jupiter’s sixth orbiting moon.

The star – around 390 million miles from Earth – is one of few within the reach of man to catch the attention of scientists who think it supports life.

Dr Kevin Hand, astrobiologist and planetary scientist at America’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) believes an answer to the age-old question ‘are we alone?’ could be around the corner.

He said missions to the surface of Europa have revealed clues which indicate the presence of liquid water in a form which could support life.

He said: “We may one day be able to discover if there are signs of organic or possible life on Europa. “Images show there could be possible life on Europa.”

Experiments and observations at the surface of Europa have led experts to believe it has a liquid ocean which runs 100 km deep.

While other planets have been found to contain water, it is usually in the form of ice kept hundreds of degrees below freezing by harsh planetary environments.

However, all clues now point towards Europa harboring an ocean similar to Earth’s with enough energy to drive complex chemical reactions essential for life.

He said: “The question of whether life exists beyond Earth is one of humanity’s most profound and unanswered questions.

“Just about anywhere we go upon Earth and find liquid water we find life, we know now of oceans beyond Earth – and these are oceans of liquid water.

“Our study of life on Earth leads us to conclude some of these worlds are inhabitable and even inhabited.



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