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Shambhala- The Buddhist kingdom hidden inside the Earth

shambhala ancient city

Many ancient religions and myths support the idea of an ancient city, lost in time, held in the center of the Earth. The city itself is a utopia, a safe haven, free from war and strife.

In 1926 Nicholas Roerich, a Russian philosopher, was passing through the mountainside in Central Asia, when suddenly he saw and was mesmerized by a floating orb made of gold in the sky.

One of the central aspects of many religions was the fact that the earth is hollow, and that it contains something mythical or magical.

Gilgamesh, from Babylonian lore, visited Utnapishtim in the depths of the earth. Pharaohs of Egypt were rumored to communicate with the dead by accessing secret tunnels in the pyramids. Odysseus travels to the underground to find Proteous.

The Macuxi Indians, a people native to the rain forest of the Amazon, are the descendants of the Suns children and they protect the inner Earth. They are given the task to keep strangers and those unworthy of entering this realm of the hollow Earth.

Following Macuxi legends, a person must travel for three days, down the cavern towards the hollow earth, and on the third day the leave behind their torches. They do not need them, as they have enough light from the lanterns that shine as bright as the sun inside the cavern.

Many traditions and religions mention this kind of place, a place hidden inside the Earth itself, but perhaps the most interesting and striking one is that of Shambhala.

Mentioned in Tibetan Buddhism and Hindu traditions, Shambhala means, in Sanskrit, as a place of peace. It’s the land of a thousand names, a place hidden inside our planet that we cannot possibly comprehend.

But is this place only a metaphor, or is it physical, concrete? The Dalai Lama was recorded as saying that those who have a strong karmic connection may go there, but at the same time, stating that it is not a physical place, but a metaphor for a pure and perfect land.

Another parallel with ancient myths can be seen in the myth of Atlantis. Before the land sank, because its inhabitants strayed from the Path of Light, they ran away and spread all over the world. Using their vast knowledge and doctrines, the Atlantieans became the first rules of Egypt.

Edwin Bernbaum, a lecturer and scholar of comparative religion and mythology claims that Shambhala is not only a spiritual place, but also a real, concrete kingdom that is difficult to find.

Michael Wood, a journalist for the BBC, claims that Shambhala is hidden somewhere in the Himalayas. It is a place where war, grief and sorrow do not exist and where people are faithful to the principles of Buddhism.

Another interesting idea could be that Shambhala may in fact exist in another dimension. Indeed, places like Atlantis and Shambhala reside in a universe different than our own.

This idea is also supported by ancient traditions and cultures, many of whom mention gateways to other worlds. In modern day Peru, we have the “Gate of the Gods”, in Hayu Marca. It is said that only great heroes passed through this gate and into the land of the Gods, where they are awaited by prosperity and immortality.

During the Spanish conquest, an Inca priest saved a golden disk, “the key to the gods of the seven rays”, and hid in the mountains. When he arrived at Hayu Marca, he, with the assistance of local shamans and priests, opened the gate and crossed over, never to be seen again.

The sacred ritual symbol in Indian religions, the Mandala, stands for life being a never ending cycle. In ancient Sanskrit Mandala means circle. A symbol uncannily similar to the mandala is located near Hayu Marca. All this just adds to the fact that the ancient religions are connected and perhaps to one single truth- The existence of a heaven on earth, literally being heaven, on earth, hidden inside the planet.

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