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September 11: Were 9/11 Twin Towers brought down by ALIENS?


A sensational claim was made in connection with the 9/11 attack in the US. According to this claim, some people assumed that twin towers were brought down by aliens.

Truth seekers have remained unconvinced by the claims that Osama Bin Laden was responsible for the horrific attacks that led to the collapse of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Centre in New York and the destruction of part of the Pentagon in Washington DC in 2001.

A further UFO sighting at the new World Trade Centre has only the fuelled theories.

One video which has emerged appears to a small white dot flying towards one of the WTC towers after the attack.

While some were quick to discount the footage – which was uploaded to YouTube – others were left puzzled by the strange object.

One viewer, Eric Boyles questioned: “What would the ET’s main purpose be at [the site of] 9/11?

“Were they working in cahoots with our government on 9/11?”

This photo posted in a New York Post gallery of 9/11 caught the eyes of UFO enthusiasts. The image can be viewed HERE.

Another video appears capture a strange object flying towards one of the WTC towers during a news broadcast from a helicopter.

However, Barbara Sicuranza, an actress from New York, later came forward to say she was the “reporter” in the video – and claimed the “UFO” was added later.

Barbara added that she hired for a SciFi Channel TV promo video using the Twin Towers.

Her husband Chris Stein – guitarist and songwriter for Blondie – said: “My wife Barbara’s UFO TV spot – that was done for SCI-FI TV – is still pulling in comment and e-mails.

Truth seekers were puzzled by this white dot believed to be flying towards the WTC – view it HERE.

But many believe this could be part of a US government cover-up.

UFO expert Scott C Waring has said he had no doubt that aliens would have been observing the horror.

While some UFO enthusiast believe the UFO clips from 9/11 are proof of aliens, others say the “fake” footage has ruined their credibility.

One truth seeker, commenting on one of the videos, said: “UFO’s are real. I’ve seen them. Stop making stupid s*** that only generates skepticism.

“It’s debris and other planes – flying was permitted in the area.”


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