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Secrets of the sunken city: An ancient metropolis under the Sea of Egypt

Heraklion_city-sunken city

An ancient city was discovered under the Sea of Egypt. It is believed that this discovery will unveil detail about an ancient metropolis.

Archaeologist and maritime explorer Franck Goddio made this discovery while he was getting ready for another dive in Egypt’s Bay of Aboukir.

He discovered a granite block that would forever change history, as he discovered an ancient city that was believed to be a myth, just like Atlantis is today.

In addition to this, he discovered hundreds of incredible artifacts.  Goddio and his crew, rediscovered the lost ancient Egyptian cities of Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus.

Thonis was considered one of the most important cities before the creation of Alexandria. Thonis came into existence in the 8th century at the Canopic branch of the River Nile, where numerous canals linked the city to nearby Canopus.

The discovery is proof that there are countless treasures located below the Sea.  Thonis-Heracleion is just one of the many sunken cities which were believed to be a myth until they were actually discovered.

‘It turned out that Herodotus was right,’ Goddio says. ‘He was talking about the kind of ships they used, and we found the ships, over 80 wrecks. Everything he said has been confirmed – first by discovering the cities, the temple, and specific artefacts. And we have barely touched it. There is much more out there.’

Many large cities just like Heraklion, Alexandria and Canopus were destroyed by catastrophic natural disasters. Researchers from the University of Cambridge conducted a study of the Mediterranean tectonic plates and discovered that a geological fault could have caused a great earthquake and tsunami in the year 365 AD.

According to scientists, the earthquake that struck the region in the past could happen again since they calculated that due to the geological features, the area is prone to catastrophic earthquakes every 800 years.

The fate of Heraklion was shared by other ancient cities that suffered similar catastrophes hundreds or thousands of years ago, some of them are the ancient city of Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BC and the ancient city of Canopus.


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