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Secrets of the Moon


The Moon, our first neighbor, hides so many secrets. Deep under its surface, there is a shell consisted of very resilient materials such as titanium, uranium 236, mica, neptunium 237.

The scientists have been working for years to learn more about the Moon. In the period from 1969 till 1972, US astronauts visited the Moon six times. Obviously, that wasn’t enough to solve its mystery. The most intriguing thing about the Moon is the question about its composition and formation. Answers to questions about our satellite would help us understand the beginning of our planet and the solar system.

However, it is not easy to get all the answers, because, as it turns out, the Moon is much more complex than we thought. Interesting detail about the Moon is that it is very old, possibly even older than our planet. It consists of multiple layers, unusually positioned – heavier rocks are on the surface.

Based on the collected rock samples, scientists got to the conclusion that it is very dry and that it probably never had considerable amounts of water. However, during the Apollo 16 expedition, rocks with pieces of rusty iron were found, meaning there should be water somewhere, otherwise, oxidation wouldn’t be possible.

When the instruments left by Apollo missions sent information about wind containing water in 1971, scientists were amazed. Nobody had the slightest idea about the origin of the water.

To science writer Earl Ubell it was very unusual that two celestial bodies that were created at the same time, such as Earth and the Moon have drastically different amounts of iron. How the Moon became a satellite of our planet? And how come there are magnetized rocks on the Moon, when the magnetic field doesn’t exist?

According to scientists, it is possible that the Moon is hollow, and probably with a very small core, or even without a core.

The most convincing proof that the Moon may be hollow, was provided by the Apollo 12 astronauts, on November 1969, when they sent the lunar module ascent stage crashing back onto the moon creating an artificial moonquake. After the impact of the lunar module and the surface of the Moon, the Moon echoed for more than an hour. Nobody expected this effect.

Scientists were caught speechless one more time. They were very surprised when the lunar rocks with traces of bronze, mica, amphibole and almost pure titanium were discovered, as well as the rustproof iron particles in a soil sample from the Sea of Crises.

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