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Secret footage of goose pate factory revealed the gruesome method of production! (VIDEO)


The truth behind the production of foie gras is revealed in a video. After watching this video, people might reconsider calling the foie gras a delicacy.

This French delicacy made from the liver of geese (or ducks) and is very precious foods like pâté.

To livers of geese was suitable for foie gras, it has to swell, which is achieved by striking birds.

But making foie gras used only male birds because the liver is too small in females. Female birds are therefore easily destroyed.

Video clips secretly filmed in a French factory for foie gras show birds that live fed into the crusher and so destroying them.

Male is separated of female birds immediately after they hatched.

Female chicks are destroyed, and males are cut beaks to become easier to hit them so the livers swollen and so become suitable for foie gras.


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  • stargazer

    I certainly do hope there is a special place reserved in hell for people that contribute to this unspeakable act done to innocent helpless creatures (or as a more religious individual might say, one of God’s creatures) from start to finish.

    *note: I didn’t and could not bear to watch the video but it wasn’t necessary to do so to appreciate the despicable “scumley” act.

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