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Scientists tuning into radio signals from the 9th Planet, aka Planet X


Scientists decided to unveil the mystery surrounding the Planet X by tuning into radio signals emitted by this planet.

Planet Nine, Planet X, or Nibiru, as many others call it is believed to be on a 20,000-year-old orbit around the sun.

The enigmatic planet, referred to by many as Nibiru, the long lost planet of the Alien Anunnaki, is believed to be up to ten times bigger than Earth, but astronomers are yet to see the planet.

Astrophysicist, however, believe it MUST exist based on new calculations and perturbations in the orbits of other celestial bodies in our solar system.

Researchers from the McGill University in Montreal, Canada believe the ‘icy planet’ will still retain a small amount of heat from its creations and suggest this heat should be radiated out in the form of millimeter-length radio waves.

This enigmatic ‘background’ noise has already been picked up by researchers coming from Neptune and Uranus, and a planet the size of Planet Nine should definitely emit those types of waves too.

Now, a bunch of fancy telescopes have joined the search for Planet Nine and are searching the skies for these exact wavelengths, which could eventually lead us towards the cosmic hideout of Planet Nine.



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