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Scientists spot massive object behind the Milky Way moving at 40 million mph

Space is vast and something new is discovered every day. According to astronomers, there are many enormous objects behind the Milky Way.

Astronomers have just found a previously unknown object that is moving at a speed of approximately 40 million miles-per-hour, or 18,000 kilometers per second.

Guess what? It is not Nibiru.

Called the Vela SueprCluster, this newly found supermassive object is in fact a group of many galaxy clusters, and every one of them has hundreds or even thousands of galaxies.

“I could not believe such a major structure would pop up so prominently” after an observation of that region of space, said Renée Kraan-Korteweg, an astrophysicist at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, in a press release.

Kraan-Korteweg and the team behind the discovery published their finding in the Monthly Notices Letters of the Royal Astronomical Society.

The object is… freakishly MASSIVE and it’s been hiding behind the Milky Way, so how the heck did we miss it for so long? Well, while it may be hard to believe that we’ve missed something that big, consider for a second our place in the universe and just how big it is.

The Milky Way galaxy alone is home to over 100 BILLION STARS, trillions of planets and incredible clouds of gas and dust.

While all of this is really cool and interesting, if you are an astronomer and are trying to see everything that’s located beyond those stars, planets, clouds of gas and dust, then all of this gets in your way.

In order to take a peek at what’s beyond there, Kraan-Korteweg and her colleagues used several telescopes: the newly refurbished South African Large Telescope near Cape Town, the Anglo-Australian Telescope near Sydney, and X-ray surveys of the galactic plane.

With combined data, scientists managed to calculate how fast each galaxy they saw above and below the galactic plane was moving away from Earth. Math revealed that they were in fact moving together, a telltale sign of lots of galaxies that could not be observed.

“It became obvious we were uncovering a massive network of galaxies, extending much further than we had ever expected,” Michelle Cluver, an astrophysicist at the University of the Western Cape, said in a release.

Scientists believe that the so-called Vela Supercluster is of similar size to the Shapley supercluster of roughly 8,600 galaxies, located some 650 million light years from Earth.

According to experts, the Vela supercluster is around 800 million light years away, and moving away from us at a speed of 40 million mph.


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