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Scientists have just detected a crack in Earth’s magnetic shield


According to scientists, there is a crack in our Earth’s magnetic shield. This occurrence was possibly caused by a  super-strong geomagnetic storm.

The magnetosphere is a large area that encompasses our planet. Its presence alone protects the planet from charged particles of the solar wind and deflects them around Earth.

This enormous protective natural layer around our planet extends thousands of miles into space and its magnetism is so important and influential that it affects technology, life forms on the planet and weather patterns as well.

Scientists used the telescope and cosmic ray detector GRAPES-3 and published the analysis of a solar storm that occurred in June of 2015, leaving us without a magnetic shield for TWO hours.

The giant cloud of plasma -which originated in the Sun’s corona- ejected in June 2015 and eventually crashed into our planet magnetosphere at a speed of about 2.5 million kilometers per hour. The damage caused by the collision was of epic proportions.

As this occurred, it caused massive radio-signal blackouts in many high-latitude countries in North and south America. This supermassive storm also caused supercharged aurora borealis.

But over a year after the solar storm struck our magnetosphere, experts have been able to realize the extent of damage caused by the bombardment of solar rays.

According to experts from the Tata Institute of fundamental Research in India, after performing simulations based on data gathered by the GRAPES-3 satellite from that day, the magnetosphere of Earth cracked open, meaning that after all its not as secure as we thought it was.

Scientists concluded that the geomagnetic storm was so great that it actually managed to RECONFIGURE our magnetic shield.

“This vulnerability can occur when magnetized plasma from the Sun deforms Earth’s magnetic field, stretching its shape at the poles and diminishing its ability to deflect charged particles,” Katherine Wright explains on the American Physical Society website. The research has been published in Physical Review Letters.

This is something we need to worry about. Experts say that the fact that this occurred means that our magnetic field is changing and even weakening in certain parts.

“The occurrence of this burst also implies a 2-hour weakening of Earth’s protective magnetic shield during this event,” the researchers report.

“[This] indicates a transient weakening of Earth’s magnetic shield, and may hold clues for a better understanding of future superstorms that could cripple modern technological infrastructure on Earth, and endanger the lives of the astronauts in space.”

In previous articles we reported about how our planet’s magnetic field is collapsing and our planet’s poles are flipping. This could result in catastrophic events on our planet.

Scientists warn that in the last two centuries the magnetic field has weakened, suggesting that it could be a tell-tale sign that Earth’s poles are about the flip. While experts believe a flip is overdue, they still cannot tell when it might occur. According to researchers, the Earth’s magnetic field is in constant movement and every 2-3 hundred thousand years or so the polarity of our planet flips.


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