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Scientists fear of the mega-tsunami that could wipe out mankind – VIDEO


Scientists have reason to believe that a wave nearly 1,000ft in height, which happened 73,000 years ago, could happen in the future.

This mega-tsunami was influenced by the Fogo volcano at Cape Verde. Today this volcano is considered one of the largest and most active island volcanoes.

This volcano was active last year. According to experts, eruption which took place in November was quite strong but even stronger ones are expected in the future.

Scientists warn that a powerful wave could cause terrifying damages. Fogo volcano is active approximately every 20 years.

According to the lead researcher Dr Ricardo Ramalho, society has to prepare itself for the possible catastrophic event. He also added that such threat has to be isolated by improving resilience to it.

As the exact date of the new collapse cannot be predicted in advance, this threat must not be ignored.

When it happened thousands of years ago, the sudden eruption caused gigantic boulders of 770 tons to fall into the ocean. This further caused tsunami waves of 800ft in height to completely enclose the nearby island of Santiago.

In addition to all this, expert from University College London Professor Bill McGuire stated that such powerful mega-tsunamis take place in every 10,000 years.

All scientists share the same opinion about similar catastrophic events, saying that they could happen in the future. They all agreed that they are going to happen, however the question that is left without an answer is when such a catastrophic event is going to happen.


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