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Scientists detect ‘Alien signals’ from Dwarf Galaxy 3 billion light years away

Scientists received a mysterious signal coming from a dwarf galaxy. They were finally able to determine the exact source of a mystery signal.

Not only have scientists traced back the mystery alien signal to its host galaxy, they say that the latest signal intercepted by them by was accompanied by a stream of ONGOING, persistent weaker radio emissions. Both signals are apparently located 100 light years apart.

Scientists have pinpointed –for the fist time ever— mysterious alien signals which originate from a dwarf galaxy located around 3 BILLION light years away.

The enigmatic, rare, and brief bursts of cosmic radio waves have been an enigma for astronomers ever since their discovery ten years ago.

So far, researchers have detected fast radio bursts eighteen times, and have remained confused since no one actually knows where they come from, or what might trigger them.

Scientists speculate that FRB’s (Fast Radio Bursts) could be caused by massive stars, jets of material shooting out of black holes and of course, ALIENS.

FRB’s are usually extremely short radio waves and usually last no more than a millisecond.

The first one of these enigmatic alien messages was intercepted by Australia’s Parkes telescope in 2007. Out of the eighteen signals, only one of them has been heard repeatedly, which caused even greater confusion among experts.

It is precisely that repeated FRB –which was studied for six months— which allowed astronomers to pinpoint its exact location in the universe.

According to experts, it originated from a faint dwarf galaxy located around three billion light years from Earth.

Referred to as FRB 121102, it was detected using the Very Large Array, a multi-antenna radio telescope.

Casey Law, from the University of California at Berkeley, said: “For a long time, we came up empty, then got a string of bursts that gave us exactly what we needed. All these threads point to the idea that in this environment, something generates these magnetars.”

“We are the first to show that this is a cosmological phenomenon. It’s not something in our backyard. And we are the first to see where this thing is happening, in this little galaxy, which I think is a surprise. Now our objective is to figure out why that happens,” added Law.

Speaking about the enigmatic message, Dr. Shriharsh Tendulkar, a member of the team from McGill University in Montreal, Canada said:

“Before we knew the distance to any FRBs, several proposed explanations for their origins said they could be coming from within or near our own Milky Way galaxy. We now have ruled out those explanations, at least for this FRB.”

What caused even greater confusion among scientists is that the FRB seemed to be accompanied by a stream of ONGOING, persistent weaker radio emissions.

Experts looked with detail into the mystery and found that the two emission sources were most likely no more than 100 light years apart.

The findings have been detailed in the journals Nature and Astrophysical Journal Letters.

Co-author Dr. Shami Chatterjee, from Cornell University in the US, said: “Finding the host galaxy of this FRB, and its distance, is a big step forward, but we still have much more to do before we fully understand what these things are.”

“We think that the bursts and the continuous source are likely to be either the same object or that they are somehow physically associated with each other,” said Dr Benito Marcote, from the Joint Institute for VLBI (Very Long Baseline Interferometry) in Dwingeloo, the Netherlands.


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