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Our planet has more than one Moon


Dr Robert Jedicke is an expert from the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy who claims that the Earth sometimes has two or more moons.

He stated that temporary orbit of our planet is filled with a number of mini-moons, which are not observable from Earth.

He added that he detected one tiny moon that orbited the Earth.

In 2006, a baby moon called 2006 RH120 was identified. It was concluded that this three meter wide moon was in Earth’s orbit for one year.

Based on specialist computer programs, he calculated the probability of other asteroids and space rocks being lured in by Earth’s gravity.

He concluded that there will always be at least one tiny moon orbiting Earth.

He claims that mini-moons are scientifically quite intriguing and their material could be examined in order to discover how our solar system has changed over 4.6 billion years.

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