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Scientist claim particle from stratosphere is alien life-form

alien seed micro cell

Milton Wainwright, a professor at Sheffield University, has discovered a life form unlike any on earth. It was found in the stratosphere above Bonneville Salt Flats , in Utah, America.

Called the latest and most concrete piece of evidence that we are not alone in the universe, this creature, or rather particle, is made out of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen- the building blocks of the building blocks of life.

The professor has claimed for a long time now that we are not alone in the universe. He also states that not only do aliens exist, but also that we on Earth are constantly bombarded by alien DNA that’s raining down from space, an occurrence he likes to call panspermia.

Wainwright and his team sent a sampler, using a weather balloon, into the stratosphere and found he creature.

In his own words: “The particle shown contains only carbon, oxygen and nitrogen and shows bilateral symmetry that is, if a line is drawn through its center it has the same appearance on both sides. It is definitely an organism.”

The professor’s team sent balloons over 30 km above Earth’s atmosphere to collect particles. They found it amid small samples of stratospheric debris. They also believe that it did not float up from Earth, as it is just too heavy to float so high up and escape our atmosphere.

Wainwright maintains the belief that as pollen or grass particles have not been found so high up, and yet organisms have, it must have come from space.

Last January, he found a microscopic metal globe. This globe seemed as though it spewed organic matter, which cause a panic and concern about possible infection with extraterrestrial viruses. On the other hand, it could have been designed by alien species to spread extraterrestrial species on Earth, by planting microscopic seeds.

Another theory surrounding panspermia is that humans have actually originated from another world, by being introduced on Earth by aliens.

The professor was called to NASA to explain how organic particles have been discovered in the Solar System. He claims that so far no one has provided a rational explanation for their finding and states that: “the Earth is being continuously showered with biology from space, some of which may be alive, but all will likely carry novel information which may have influenced the evolution of life on Earth”

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