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RUSSIAN UFO OR ALIENS: UFO emerged from the sea, British aviation in panic, tried to stop them

ufo-new england

An unidentified and mysterious object was observed in Northern England. The Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircrafts were sent to intervene when this object emerged from the water.

The mysterious object disappeared after it encountered fighter aircrafts.

According to this report, multiple Federation, British, NATO and American satellite and radar sources detected this “mysterious object” rising out of the sea off the coast of North England yesterday prompting RAF Coningsby, in Lincolnshire, to launch a squadron of Eurofighter Typhoon’s to intercept it—with one of these fighter aircraft making “repeated/numerous” combat attacks against it, and as one captured radar image (see below) shows.

Local people from Leeds, York, Harrogate and Doncaster who were witness to this event, this report continues, became panic stricken and terrified that World War III was starting, this report continues, as loud booms filled the region and fighter jets filled the sky.

Within 15 minutes of this event occurring, MoD analysts in this report say, the British government issued a DA-Notice (Defence Advisory Notice) making it illegal for any news media organizations to report the facts of what had occurred.

7 hours later published a “propaganda account” of this event stating that it was caused by a wayward Air France airliner over Yorkshire that had experienced a radio communication problem.

MoD experts in this report, however, state that all of Air France’s Airbus A320 aircraft have multiple communication systems (like all modern passenger aircraft) that continue working in emergency mode under all circumstances—with the exception of the aircraft suffering a catastrophic failure (crash), which this one did not.

Most intriguing, perhaps, in this report are its highly classified portions that allude to this “mysterious object” being associated with the “Baltic Sea Anomaly”.


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