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Russian Major General revealed the truth about the UFOs

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Russian Major General stated that they have the ability to summon UFOs. They observed an increase in UFO activity. These observations were made during the testing of large scale weapons.

Vasily Yeremenko added that the increased number of military flights and movement of the equipment can summon UFOs in Vladimirovka. The more they increase the number of military units, bigger chances are that UFO will show up.

According to Russians, up to this day modern science has been unsuccessful to recognize such phenomena. It is unclear if the UFOs are surveillance drones sent by the US or Japan. Lastly, UFOs could be a proof of extraterrestrial activity.

Media outlets made reports that the Russian Navy released to the public documents which detail many encounters with unidentified objects.

The former Navy officer and UFO researcher, Vladimir Azhazha revealed that half of UFO encounters are linked to the oceans or other water surfaces.

There has been one recorded incident when six unknown objects were chasing a nuclear submarine on a combat mission. The submarine had to surface and the objects followed and flew away.

Navy Intelligence Captain of 1st rank, Igor Barklayof concluded that Ocean UFOs appear at the location of NATO’s fleets. Atlantic Ocean, the Bermuda Triangle and the Caribbean Sea are the most common places of UFO sightings.

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