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Russian Artist Claims He Had An Encounter With A Yeti


Summer is the most common time of the year when people claim to have spotted a Yeti. So far, the first person to claim so is the Russian artist and sculptor Andrey Lyubchenko.

Russian artist said that he managed to talk to a Yeti and even draw him on birch bark.

He wasn’t frightened by this encounter. Based on his description, Yeti was approximately two and a half meters tall, and was covered with thick brown hairs. What caught his attention were Yeti’s eyes, which looked like the human eyes.

Andrey Lyubchenko saw a Yeti while he was in Kemerovo region in the morning of 27 July. This region is famous for a number of Yeti sightings.

He went out into the woods to find wood for his sculptures. Suddenly he felt that someone was watching him, turned around in that direction and spotted a Yeti. He thinks that they talked through telepathy. When he asked for his name, Yeti responded with Ta-ban. They even talked for 40 minutes.

Later he asked a local person about the meaning of this word. Based on the Siberian Shor language, this word has two meanings, one is “a sole” and the other is “the one that wasn’t discovered”.

Unfortunately, he didn’t have a phone with a camera on him, so he couldn’t document this encounter. However, he always has a pencil on him and that is why he drew a portrait of a Yeti. Yeti took a while to study the drawing and drew a symbol next to it. The symbol still has to be identified.

According to the artist, the reason why he ran into Yeti is because he truly believes in their existence. On the other hand, it could have been a mere coincidence.

Igor Burtsev is Russia’s most famous Yeti hunter. Based on his estimations, there are 30 Yetis in the region of Kemerovo.

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