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Russia has constructed massive underground shelters in anticipation of nuclear war

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Many people don’t know, but there is a huge complex under the Ural Mountains. Even though there is no too much information about it in public, a general description exists.

It is estimated that this complex covers approximately 400 square miles. It was built in the 1990s by the Boris Yeltsin’s government, right after the Soviet Union fell apart. Its command center is probably located directly under the summit of the Yamantau Mountain (about 3,000 feet under the summit). While the construction of this site was in progress, a U.S. satellite captured this activity, as well as the facilities, large enough to accommodate tens of thousands of workers. Back then, in 1996, the Defense Ministry of Russia refused to provide foreign media with the information about this ongoing work, explaining that security matters could not be discussed.

The lack of information about this massive project was not incidental. The Russians kept it as a secret on purpose. They wanted to keep their activities regarding preparations for the case of nuclear attack to themselves. However, whoever knew about this huge complex served by a railroad, a highway and thousands of workers, was intrigued by these extensive building actions. Taking into consideration the estimated size of this project, it appears that the Russians never abandoned the belief that the nuclear attack is possible, which is why they never stopped preparing for such dramatic and serious circumstances.

In addition to this large underground project, which is thought to be only one of numerous similar projects across the country, they even managed to build thousands of emergency nuclear bomb shelters in major cities over the years. This measure was needed, because cities such as Moscow are densely populated, while their previous shelters were outdated, meaning that these cities would be in grave danger in case of an attack. This is how the project of building easy accessible shelters all over the capital, 10 to 15 meters underneath the ground, started.

Other countries, including the United States, did very little to prepare for the possible nuclear war, assuming that this kind of conflict will probably never happen, or if it happens, it is going to be so destructive that no shelter will help.

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Even though nobody had official information about this project, it was suspected that the complex was enormous – large enough to house and protect 60,000 persons in case of a nuclear, chemical or biological attack, and provide them with conditions to survive for months.

In 2003, the location of this facility was labeled as a potential key target for U.S. nuclear war planners, along with some potential Chinese targets.

Building all those underground facilities must have cost a lot, some people even estimate that the amount of money needed for this undertaking is somewhere between half a billion and a billion dollars.

The Russians have also recently finished work on their new fortified national defense center in Moscow that has its own underground complex. In case of a war, this center would take control of the country. The price of this center, equipped with the latest technologies, is unknown, but it is estimated to be about several billion dollars.

In parallel with these construction projects, Russia has been working on its completely new anti-ballistic missile system (S-500), designed to intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles. This system is still in the development process, and it should have a range of 500-600 km and hit targets at altitudes as high as 40 km. There are even rumors about its ability to track 5-20 ballistic targets and intercept up to 5-10 ballistic targets at once.

Some people say that the Americans don’t pay enough attention to these matters, that they are convinced that the war with Russia is impossible. According to those people, the involvement of the United States in the Ukrainian crisis caused the anger of Russian people, who now think that the only possible outcome is the war against the United States.

The relations between these two countries got even tenser, after the announcement of Barack Obama about sending non-lethal military aid to the Ukrainians. This was followed by a resolution of the U.S. House of Representatives, strongly advising Obama to send lethal military aid to Ukraine.

Deutsche Welle reports that this measure would enable Ukraine to defend its territory from the aggressive actions of Russia.

If worldwide tensions continue, the threat of World War III can become real.

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    What “aggressive actions of Russia” are you talking about? The ones invented in the dream room of the US State Department?

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